Booking & Backline info


To be considered for booking, please email us links to your website and social media accounts, live performance video, show/attendance history, and a brief description. While we review every artist, due to the volume of submissions, we cannot always respond to everyone.


2 – Fender Deluxe Reverb ’68 reissue (12″ speaker)
1 – Acoustic 140 bass head with Ampeg 6×10 cabinet
1 – Ampeg 4×12 guitar cabinet
1 – Yorkville 1×15 bass cabinet
1 – Yamaha DG130 guitar head
1 – Hartke 2500 bass head
1- Korg SP280 88 keys digital piano
1 – Yamaha natural birch drum-kit 10/12/14/20 with cymbal stands (two boom, one straight), and high hat stand. Please bring cymbals, snare, clutch and kick-pedal.
Must use house kit unless otherwise cleared.